where is Taipei check-in counter?
i'd like to check in for my flight to Taipei.辦理登機手續
Which gate does my flight leave from? 我的班機從哪個登機門起飛
-->gate 20
How many bags am i allowed?  我能帶幾件行李
I'd like an window/aisle seat,please? 我要靠窗/走廊
I want to file a lost baggage claim.我要申報行李遺失
I'm here on business.這趟是來出差的
These are samples for a tradeshow.這些是參展用的樣品
I will be here for two weeks.我將停留兩個禮拜
How do you charge? 1000 for 1 kilogram. 你是如何收費的
Is this only available from the duty-free shop? 這只有在免稅商才買的到嗎
Can you gift-wrap this, please? 麻煩你把這個包裝成禮品
Do you have any vacancies? 你們有空房嗎
I have a reservation, my name is andy. 我有訂房
Does the rate include breakfast.住宿費用有包含早餐嗎
I need to get to the Taiwanese consulate/trade office.我要到台灣辦事處/貿易代表處

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